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Yuengling Lager

Yuengling Lager

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RegionPennsylvania, United States

Product Description

An iconic American lager famous for its rich amber color and medium-bodied flavor. Roasted caramel malt adds subtle sweetness, while a combination of cluster and cascade hops round out this well-balanced beer. Celebrated as America's oldest brewery, Yuengling was the dream of German immigrant David G. Yuengling when he came to the small town of Pottsville, Pennsylvania in 1829. The Yuengling family still owns the brewery, and after reintroducing this flagship lager in 1987, the brewery has continued to gain popularity across the U.S. We recommend drinking this classic lager chilled, either in a beer mug or straight from the bottle.

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Drizly Expert Notes

Founded in Pennsylvania in 1829, Yuengling brewery, which has been making Yuengling Lager for all those years, is America's oldest brewery still in operation today. Yuengling beer is the story of the American dream, ingenuity, passion, and drive. The spirit and strength of the Yuengling family is forged in their American lager as it showcases their European roots taking on new form and tradition on the American shores. It displays a strong malt backbone immersed in historical formulas, but is accented with spicy, floral hops that are purely American.

Feel free to swig a Yuengling Lager straight from the bottle, proudly displaying its name for all to see, but if you were to pour it into a pint glass you'd be able to relish it's bright amber glow. The nose is teeming with caramel notes and perhaps a hint of wood and crushed herbs from the west coast hops that go into each batch. The flavor is smooth and rich, full bodied but highly quaffable. There is a noticeable sweetness to this lager that comes from the choice malts, but it is well contrasted with the subtle hop bitterness.

Yuengling Lager is an east coast classic. Ask nearly any New Englander what their favorite lager is and they'll point to the recognizable label with an eagle adorning it. If you're looking for a divine beer to pair with a backyard bbq, this is the ticket. The subdued sweetness and clean hop finish makes an exemplary pairing with a cheeseburger topped with applewood smoked bacon and a couple of slices of avocado. It goes great with fried mac & cheese balls or grandma's famous bean dip. Enjoy it as you watch a bit of Monday night football action or simply enjoy it as an unwind after a long day on the job. 



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