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White Bordeaux Blend

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All about white Bordeaux blend

What's the white Bordeaux blend?

A white wine variety, white Bordeaux blend is a sharp drink that combines Sémillon and sauvignon blanc with a splash of muscadelle. Classic varieties of this wine have a pale gold color with a greenish hue. They feature citrusy aromas and hints of grass and hay. Winemakers offer propriety white blend wines that combine varied grape varietals for unique flavors and exclusive aromas.

Flavor profile of this white wine

This white wine blend comes in two distinct styles: light and fruity or rich and creamy. The light and fruity type is the most common, featuring bold flavors and aromas of citrus fruits, lemons and gooseberry along with floral hints of honeysuckle. In this white wine, sauvignon introduces grassy aromas while Sémillon brings honeyed notes. The rich and creamy variety has a richer feel on the palate, with warm flavor notes of baked apples, pears, orange zest or ginger that lend a comforting feel as you sip.

Food pairings with this white wine blend

A bottle of Bordeaux wine brings out the flavor of herbs and spices such as garlic, basil or lemon in the food. Its citrusy flavor is a good match with mildly flavored dishes that do not overpower the lovely taste of the wine. A refreshing arugula salad with lemon dressing or an asparagus risotto are vegetarian choices that go well with this bright wine. Pasta recipes featuring basil pesto makes for a perfect summer meal when paired with this drink. Seafood like crab, lobster, cod or halibut also blend well with the refreshing notes of a Bordeaux wine.

White wine blends offer distinct flavors and lovely aromas that are easy to drink. Grab a premium white Bordeaux blend by shopping Driz or see if we've made it to your city. Click these handy links to search for Drizly in your city, and look for liquor stores on Drizly near you.