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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

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White Blend

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    All about white blend

    What goes into a white blend?

    White blend wine has more than one variety of grape in the final product. In the history of European winemaking, white blends are common. Winemakers combine several varieties of grapes from the rich vineyards of a region to form delectable combinations. White blends have gained popularity in recent times because brewers can come up with innovative flavors and custom recipes, giving fans a chance to sample newer styles.

    Popular varieties of this white wine

    White Rhône blends comes from France's Rhône region, combining a prominent grape variety, like grenache blanc or viognier, with smaller amounts of other grapes. Depending on the brand and variety of this drink, it features floral notes with flavors of stone fruit. The mix of grapes adds many complex flavors and vibrant acidity to this wine, making it easily drinkable.

    White Bordeaux blend is a popular style of this wine variety. It's a classic blend of Sémillion and sauvignon blanc and may feature smaller amounts of muscadelle. This blend ranges across styles and flavors. You'll find dry and refreshing varieties alongside sweet and luscious styles. It's known for its citrus flavor with hints of sweet apple. Aged white Bordeaux acquires a rich taste with flavors of candied fruit, honey and custard enveloping the palate.

    Winemakers often come up with their own proprietary white blend that features unique flavors and splendid notes and aromas.

    Food pairings with white blends

    White blends come in various styles and varieties, giving you many food pairing options. As a general rule, they have a refreshing flavor that works well with mild dishes like fish, seafood and salads. Sweeter white blends match well with desserts or a fruit and cheese platter

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