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All about Macabeo / Viura

What is macabeo?

Macabeo or viura is a grape variety from the Rioja wine region in northeastern Spain, Catalonia, just outside of Barcelona, and some areas in southern France. Macabeo is often underrated, but it's an incredibly versatile grape. Thanks to its relatively neutral flavor, it works wonderfully in synergy with other varieties. Winemakers often blend it with malvasia, parellada, xarel-lo and other grape varieties to make Cava wines or a wide variety of other red and white wines

However, you'll also find Viura wines that only contain macabeo grapes. Wines from this grape variety are typically medium or light-bodied, dry and feature a low tannin content. Viura wines undergo a special fermentation process in American oak barrels and age for years before being ready for our tables. However, some regions skip these steps to achieve a lighter flavor. Viura white wines typically feature notes of honeydew, lime peel, tarragon, lemon verbana and hazelnut. 

Food pairings for macabeo

Aromatic white wines from viura grapes pair well with many Spanish and French dishes, but they're also delicious with spicy Asian dishes like coconut curry and noodle bowls. Aged varieties work well with roasted meats and herbs for special occasions.

If you want to pair your Viura with a cheese plate, choose Zamorano, a Spanish sheep's milk cheese, Camembert, brie, triple creme, provolone, mild cheddar, Gouda and fontina. Alternatively, pair the wine with a salad with fresh mozzarella or American cheese.

In addition, Viura works well with frittatas, shellfish, pesto, risotto, veggies and soup. Any savory food without an acidic taste pairs well with this Spanish wine. 

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