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All About Verdicchio

Unseating tried-and-true white wines like Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc is no easy task, yet Verdicchio is already making a valiant effort. Named after the greenish hue of its eponymous grapes, Verdicchio is an old-school wine that was popular in fish and pizza restaurants a half-century ago. Its origins date back even further than that, stretching over 600 years to areas bordering the Adriatic Sea. Today, Umbrio and Lazio are famous producers of Verdicchio, but the true area of origin is Le Marche, a lesser known section of Italy sandwiched between the Apennine Mountains and the Adriatic.

A golden hue is the mark of a slightly aged Verdicchio, whereas a more greenish color shows the youth of the wine. The longer it ages, the more complex the flavors get, yet they don't sway from a bright, revitalizing, and fruity taste. Although dry, the light-bodied Verdicchio is a highly acidic white wine, leaving your mouth beckoning for more than drying out like a sun-dried grape.

The clean flavor profile of the Verdicchio is highlighted by hints of citrus flavors and almond notes. This mix of flavors and high acidity also makes the Verdicchio a stellar sparkling wine, if you're in the mood for something fancy or a little bubbly. Other grapes are hand-selected and dried longer to produce straw wine, which is a dessert wine that's lovely for an after-meal treat.

The regular Verdicchio wine is a superb wine for socializing on the patio or deck, leaving you refreshed to the last drop. The acidity and citrus flavors of the wine pair perfectly with white meats and seafood, especially when prepared with citrus-based sauces or pesto. Oak-aged Verdicchio wines have a smoky, leathery flavor quality, capable of handling heavier entrees such as lobster or pork with savory sauces or side dishes. Verdicchio is versatile regardless of your palate, and even a bag of chips might suffice in the right atmosphere.