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All about verdelho

Facts about Verdelho grapes

Native to the Madeira Islands of Portugal, Verdelho grapes now grow widely in Australia and other wine-producing regions of the world. This grape forms part of the fortified wine blend that's made in Madeira that bears the island's name. The grape acquires different flavors depending on the region where it grows. In Portugal it's crisp with spicy accents with stone fruit aromas, while in Australia these grapes have tropical and floral notes.

What's verdelho wine?

Winemakers usually produce verdelho wine as a single varietal, although sometimes they blend it with chardonnay or sémillon. This drink offers refreshing acidity with smoky hints and a marked sweet flavor. Australian verdelho features a fresh flavor with strong tropical fruit flavors that are similar in style to unoaked chardonnay or roussanne. The Australian variety has a dry style with a medium- to light-bodied texture. It tastes best when enjoyed young and fresh. Within Australia, this drink enjoys differences in flavor and aroma depending on the region. Western Australia produces wines with honeysuckle and citrusy notes, while those from South Australia have a strong tropical character. If you love a white wine with a mildly spicy character, try the variety from New South Wales that includes pear notes with a hint of white pepper.

Food pairings

Verdelho white wine with fruity notes is a versatile food pairing wine. Its bright, clean flavors mesh well with mild dishes such as oysters or green salads. The refreshing acidity contrasts nicely with spicy and piquant dishes found in Thai cuisines.

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