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All about verdeca

Verdeca grape facts

Hailing from south and southeastern Italy, verdeca is a rare white wine variety. Don't confuse it with the similarly named grape type called verdea that comes from Tuscany. A key component of vermouth wines, verdeca grapes create delectable white wine blends. Winemakers in Puglia region in southern Italy blend verdeca grapes with bianco d'alessanoto grapes to produce bright and refreshing white wines like locorotondo and martina franca. In both these drinks, verdeca accounts for a majority of the blend, comprising up to 50% or more in the mix.

Characteristics of verdeca wine

Verdeca wines range in flavor from neutral and herbaceous to aromatic and citrusy. This drink has a mild mineral finish with robust acidity. Winemakers often blend verdeca grapes with other Italian varieties, such as fiano, resulting in exquisite white wines that please the palate. An Italian white wine featuring verdeca grapes with fiano smells of delightful flowers and white peaches. With a lovely fruit-forward character, this drink also features energizing acidity, giving it a well-rounded flavor profile.

Food pairings with this drink

Like most white wines, this drink also makes for a superb food pairing option. Its lean and refreshing taste blends well with mild courses and seafood. Serve it with a seafood platter with lemon-infused clams and fried calamari. White wine blends featuring verdeca and other grapes often have fresh fruity notes that mesh well with seafood dishes like shrimp pasta or crab cakes.

Adding interesting white wines such as verdeca to your cellar gives you a chance to plan and implement lip-smacking meals where the flavors of the drink and the food both shine bright.

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