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All About Torrontes

Originating from Argentina, Torrontes is a sophisticated white wine grown in the high elevations in the Salta, Mendoza and La Rioja regions of the country. The Salta-produced Torrontes grapes are considered the most flavorful, grown at 3,000 meters above sea level, the harshest conditions for any mass-produced grape in the world. Vineyards produce even the prized Salta version en masse, making Torrontes the number-one white grape varietal in Argentina.

Outside of Argentina, Torrontes is a rarity, grown in portions of Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Portugal. It's an interesting choice on the spectrum of white wines, simply because of its flavor similarities to Riesling and Moscato, yet with a dry style. When Riesling and other sweet wines are too overwhelming for your palate, a switch to Torrontes is a no-brainer.

Torrontes is a low-bodied, low-sweetness wine, featuring medium acidity and alcohol, although the fruitiness is higher than most other white wines, regardless of their dryness. Opening a bottle of Torrontes unleashes an aromatic, floral and citrusy aroma, followed by an immense wave of flavors. Lemon, orange, mild peach, tropical fruits, rose petal, geranium and lemon peel are all part of the flavor profile, providing a crisp, refreshing splash to hot summer days.

To enjoy Torrontes to its fullest, serve the wine between 53 and 63 degrees by putting it into the fridge about 30 minutes before opening. You should also be on the lookout for younger versions of Torrontes, as it's at its best early in maturity. Served cold, Torrontes is ideal for socializing, and preferably outdoors, as is preferred in Argentina.

The fruity flavors and colder serving temperature make Torrontes a perfect pairing for spicier foods, particularly from Thailand, India and other parts of Asia. Light meats also go with the wine, so cooking up poultry, seafood, or even a slab of tofu will make a perfect meal.