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All about semillon

What's sémillon wine?

Sémillon grapes have golden-colored skins and come from Bourdeaux in France. Winemakers blend them with sauvignon blanc and muscadelle to produce fruity white Bordeaux wines. Sémillon wines have a sweeter profile and vary in character depending on the region from which they come.

Flavor profile of this wine

Sémillon white wines have a lusciously sweet flavor that has many complex notes. You'll find hints of stone fruits such as apricot, peach, nectarine or mango. There's also a mellow taste of citrus, nut and honey with a smooth, silky finish on the palate.

Sémillon wines that come from cool climates, such as Bordeaux, are not oak-aged and have more acidity. They feature palate-cleansing citrus flavors of lime and lime zest. Hot climate sémillons have toasted buttery notes since winemakers use oak-barrel aging to add more depth of flavor. These wines come from regions like California, South Africa or Argentina and feature strong, fruity flavors of mango, yellow peach and papaya.

Food pairings with this white wine

Sweet sémillon dessert wines offer fantastic food pairing options that'll help you plan a delectable course. The sweet yet refreshing notes of this drink blend well with rich and fatty dishes, such as foie gras. They also offer a stunning contrast to spicy cuisines, like Indian or Asian dishes, for a well-rounded meal. Sweet styles of this white wine work well with various types of cheese, particularly blue cheese. The mild flavor notes complement seafood and poultry entrees and cut through the richness of creamy sauces for a light and well-balanced meal.

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