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All About Roussanne

Native to the southern area of France, roussanne is a white grape varietal. Winemakers often blend it with other grape types, such as marsanne, to create exotic white wines. On its own, roussanne wine has a full-bodied texture and is rare to find. The blend of roussanne and marsanne creates a beautifully balanced drink with a silky smooth texture and mild hints of sweetness with aromatic complexity and lovely elegance. This grape flourishes in warm climates with plenty of sunlight. It's often challenging to grow this white grape variety in colder regions, where they struggle to ripen and attain full maturity.

Flavor profile

Roussanne white wine has fruity and floral aromas that smell like fresh flowers, peaches and apricots. Hints of herbs and spices follow for a rich drink that's easy to drink. This aromatic white wine has bright acidity with an oily texture on the palate. Winemakers in the United States allow roussanne wines to mature in oak barrels for a warm, buttery flavor that's similar to chardonnay.

Food pairings with roussanne

Rousanne is a food-friendly wine that pairs well with several cuisines. It meshes well with lightly flavored seafood dishes like shellfish, lobster and crab. The sparkling acidity of this drink cuts through creamy sauces and offers a delicate contrast of flavors. The oaked variety of this white grape wine has a rich texture that blends well with fatty meats such as foie gras.

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