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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

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Vermentino / Rolle

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      All about vermentino/rolle

      Vermentino/rolle is an Italian white wine made in Sardinia, Tuscany and Liguria. It's made from white grapes cultivated in the maritime climate of Italy. Mildly acidic and saline, the wine borrows its taste from the sea, minerals and rocks. Savored by wine lovers all over the world, the dominant flavors of this wine are almond, green apple, grapefruit and lime with a subtle note of daffodil. Paired with roasted quail, grilled octopus, mozzarella, spinach, artichoke and zucchini, vermentino wine strengthens the aromas of cheeses and meat dishes.

      Vermentino family

      Rolle wine lends itself to two different styles of wine crafting, one producing a luxuriously creamy texture and the other yielding a lighter wine with a noticeable flowery fragrance. The French variation crafted at Corsica is sharper, with passive minerality and a delicately balanced burnt scent. Vermentino white wine is smooth and silky with medium alcohol content. It's a light-bodied, dry wine that draws a comparison with sauvignon blanc, Soave or verdejo. Complex in taste and with a slightly oily texture, this wine accompanies the steady flavors of sea minerals and granite. If you're looking for a break from regular chardonnay, vermentino is a good option.

      Vermentino characteristics

      Crafted from white vermentino grapes, this wine absorbs the finest features of the climate and soil. With vineyards situated close to the sea, the grapes acquire a saltiness that is typical of the landscape. Prelius vermentino, crafted in Tuscany, is synonymous with a light, dry taste and softly acidic undercurrents. Belguardo vermentino is a testimony to satisfying wines crafted in granite instead of oak barrels. Surrounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea, Sardinia produces fine wines that are spicy and sweet while preserving the natural mineral tastes. The island is rich in vineyards and grows vermentino grapes of fine standards owing to the marine climate. The almond flavor of the wine is a telltale finish of high-grade vermentino, and it thrives in the fertile Sardinian landscape. 

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