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Ribolla Gialla

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All about ribolla gialla

Learn about Ribolla Gialla

It's no secret that red wine lovers may scoff at white varieties, but a glass of Ribolla Gialla wine may be enough to turn the tables. Full-bodied with deep, rich flavors, this wine variety is the choice for people who like either red or white varieties of wine. It's like magic in a bottle.

Where is it from?

Ribolla wine originates in the Friuli region of northeastern Italy. The proximity to the northern border means there are also varieties, called Rebula, grown in Slovenia. There was a short period when the wine took center stage in the wine-drinking community before its popularity waned slightly. However, growers of the Ribolla grapes have made a resurgence and reclaimed the wine's rightful place.

What flavors are in the wine?

While many people argue that white varieties lack the depth of flavor found in red wine, the same is not true of this white wine. Sweet tangerines and tart citrus fruits blend with baked apple flavors to add complexity to the fruity aroma. On top of that, thyme adds an herbal quality. The taste is usually dry, although there are some sweet varieties. There are a limited amount of tannins, but the acidity is quite high in this wine.

What should you eat with it?

A classic question when it comes to wine is what food to eat it with. The high acidity of Ribolla Gialla wine makes it an ideal companion for all types of seafood, especially mussels and clams. Pair it with pasta in a creamy sauce alongside a fresh green salad. It's a good choice for dining al fresco during the summer or hosting a dinner party indoors whenever you want. Chill it, pour it and enjoy the depth of flavors in this white variety, a similar style to the Gruner Veltliner white wine.

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