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All about pinot blanc

Pinot blanc, a medium-dry cousin of pinot noir

Pinot blanc grape is a genetic mutation of its more famous counterpart, pinot noir, and it mostly grows in Alsace and northern Italy. In lesser quantities, it also grows in Germany, California and Oregon. 

Pinot blanc is often blended with other grapes to create wines, particularly in some regions in Northern Italy, especially South Tyrol, Trentino, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. As a result of these different winemaking techniques, there are both still and sparkling versions of this medium-dry wine.

Pinot Blanc has a pale yellow or golden hue and an alcohol by volume (ABV) value of 12% to 14%. This fruity wine is sometimes quite difficult to find, so if you happen to find a bottle, make sure you bring it home!

Flavor profile

Pinot blanc white wine features olfactory notes of apples, hazelnuts, almonds and leaves. The flavor is fruity, with hints of almonds, honey and ginger. Oak-aged versions of the wine, which mostly hail from Alsace, have a creamy texture. 

Serve it with dishes that have a mild flavor. Sorry, no sharp cheddar or blue cheese here. Instead, try pairing this white wine with seafood, white meats and mushroom-based soups. If you want pasta, season it with an acidic sauce. Serve still versions in a white wine glass and sparkling versions in a flute. Still versions are great as an aperitif as well. 

Pinot blanc vs. chardonnay

Many wine experts like to compare pinot blanc with another renowned white wine, chardonnay. The two wines share a medium body and a fairly acidic taste. 

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