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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.


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      All about picpoul

      What are picpoul wines?

      Picpoul wines are crisp, white and dry wines hailing from the Languedoc region in southwest France. Most are distinguishable by their clear green color, but those brewed from old vines have a golden color. Picpoul de pinet wines are high in acidity and produce a lip-zapping effect, earning the nickname lip stinger. Green fruit and citrus flavors complement the wine's acidity. The picpoul white wine attracts wine enthusiasts to its cage with soft and sweet aromas of blossom and hints of acacia. You may experience mineral or yeast notes with complex forms. The alcohol concentration of the wines ranges from 11.5% to 13.5% ABV. They are best enjoyed young, within a few years of being released.

      What goes into picpoul wines?

      The picpoul wine grape gives its namesake its mouthwatering acidity. The grapes grow primarily in Languedoc, France, and Catalonia, Spain, and come in a light picpoul blanc version, a dark-skinned picpoul noir version and the least-famous type, picpoul gris. The picpoul blanc variety is the most common with more than 2,500 acres under cultivation in France. The familiar wine out of this variety is the white and light-bodied bertrand picpoul de pinet.

      What is the history of picpoul?

      Picpoul is among the oldest grape varieties in the Languedoc region, dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Picpoul de pinet wines have their own AOC (appellation of controlled origin), which is France's way of certifying that a wine comes from a certain region. It also guarantees a wine's quality.

      Food pairings for picpoul wines

      Picpoul wines combine well with shellfish, seafood, cheese, chocolate and traditional Mediterranean dishes. The high acidity cuts through smoked and fried meaty meals such as cheese, beef and pork, making picpoul a versatile wine and a nice companion for dinner and picnics. Serve it between 37 and 44 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain its refreshing taste.

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