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All about other white

White wine fermenting basics

All white wines have a yellowish-golden tone and can be made from either red or white grapes — yes you can make a white wine from a red grape, go figure! The big difference between white and red wine, apart from the color, is that white wine is fermented without the grape skins. -Unique styles of this drink Chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and riesling are some popular varieties of white wines that we all know and love. Putting the favorites aside, there are many other white wines available. Txakoli (pronounced cha-ko-lee), is a drink from Spain with slight sparkling notes and lovely acidity. Winemakers bottle it young and fresh, and it's an ideal drink to enjoy with tapas. It may even inspire you to learn the flamenco!

Moving onto Greece, we have lefkos, a wine with bright golden color and greenish highlights. Greek wines are well-known for their crisp flavor notes and fruit-forward characters. Lefkos has light tropical notes with a pleasing taste and subtle scents of green apple and pear.

Always had a yen to visit the Greek islands? Satisfy your travel bug with Assyrtiko, a wine from Santorini, part of the Greece Cyclades. Some of the vines here are over 70 years old. This wine is a lovely drink to try if you're looking for a brisk, acidic wine. It's a refreshing beverage, ideal for a hot summer day. This wine features citrusy and floral notes and is quite similar to sauvignon blanc.

If you're looking for white sweet wines, try a pink moscato. Ideal for special occasions like birthday celebrations and graduations, this lovely-looking drink has a light fizz with crisp flavors and just the right amount of sweetness. It's a white fruity wine that jazzes up any evening.

Red wine vs. white wine

The difference between white and red wine is the type of grapes used to make them. Red wines feature black grapes, while whites contain mostly red or white grapes. Some people prefer red wines for their bold and rich flavors, while white varieties are popular for their crisp acidity and palate-cleansing freshness.

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