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All About Moscato Wine

Moscato has seen a serious rise in popularity over the last ten years-- and it's really no surprise why. Sweet, frothy, and an all around crowd pleaser, the wine makes for a perfect pre-dinner aperitif, post-meal dessert wine, or a simple, late-afternoon sipper (even if happy hour simply hasn't struck yet…) thanks to its easy-drinking flavor profile and low ABV. Moscato's insane versatility, thanks to its balanced acidity/sugar ratio, as well as its low alcohol content, make it the perfect wine for nearly any time of day; breakfast wine, anyone?

White Moscato:

White Moscato is, well. . . white. Simply known as Moscato, the wine's original version is sweet with a low alcohol content — about half the alcohol of most red wines — so drink up! As such, white Moscato is perfect for an afternoon spritzer or casual sipping.

Moscato's popularity has increased in recent years due to the demand for lighter-bodied sweet wines. Not only does Moscato offer delicate fruit and floral notes with undeniable sweetness, but it's also inexpensive. An incredible wine at penny-pinching prices? Sign us up!

Moscato varies wildly in dryness, fizziness and color, but all have a similar flavor profile. The most common type of Moscato wine is Moscato d'Asti, which is slightly sparkling and sweet.

Pink Moscato:

A delightful variation on classic Moscato, Pink Moscato is a pleasant blend of Muscat Blanc grapes and Merlot. Since various levels of Merlot can be added to adjust the flavor profile, Pink Moscato offers an exciting lineup of flavors, including everything from vanilla and caramel notes to the more classic citrusy characteristics.

Depending on the brand, Pink Moscato can also have notes of raspberry, cherry, pomegranate, sweet jasmine and peach. It's a versatile wine that is perfectly paired with spicy appetizers, strawberries and whipped cream or pasta. We even love it with Chinese takeout! Practically any food served is only enhanced by Pink Moscato's delicate flavor profile.

Red Moscato:

The best of both worlds, Red Moscato blends red and white wines using black and orange Muscat grapes for a signature taste and smell that's undeniable. The wine features a broad range of fruity notes from peach to berry and wild cherry.

Red Moscato is a versatile option for any occasion, but it's best paired with fresh fruit, soft cheeses and spicy food. It's also a wonderful wine to bring to a party. Nothing says "thanks" to your hostess like a good bottle of wine.

Sparkling Moscato:

Moscato comes from Italy's Piedmont region, located in the northwestern corner of the country. The wine is produced from the Muscat family of grapes, grown in the cooler climates of Asti. During vinification, Moscato's fermentation is halted midway, leaving a bunch of residual sugar within the wine, keeping sweetness high and alcohol low; in fact, Moscato d'Asti can only have a maximum of 5.5% ABV by law! Unlike traditional method sparklers, Moscato does not undergo a secondary fermentation in bottle.

Dessert Moscato:

On the contrary, plenty of higher alcohol dessert wines are made with Muscat grapes, though are generally referred to as Muscat or Moscatel, not Moscato. These wines obtain their sweetness through late-harvest or fortification, the latter of which kills fermenting yeasts, leaving residual sugar in wine, while also boosting the alcohol content, thanks to the neutral fortifying agent (usually Brandy or other distillate.) As much as we love these fortified examples,we'd recommend not consuming these bottles for breakfast; hold you savoring until after dinner!

Food Pairing - Great with Asian Foods:

Moscato's light, frothy style, coupled with balanced sweetness, make the wine extremely versatile on the table, especially when paired with various Asian cuisines. From spicy Indian dishes, to savory Pad Thai, to various Japanese dishes, Moscato presents the ideal balance for dishes that pack some heat. Unlike chewy, tannic bottles of red, which many wine consumers gravitate towards for dinner pairings, Moscato proves to be one of spicy cuisines' perfect pairings. Next time takeout is on the dinner menu, you know exactly where to look for an impeccable food and wine pairing!

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