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All about marsanne

Marsanne wine facts

Native to Rhône Valley in France, marsanne grapes blend with other aromatic varieties like rousanne to produce wines with deep flavor. Spain, Australia, Switzerland and the United States also produce this variety of grape. Marsanne wines have a straw color with golden hints and rustic minerality. You'll find both dry and sweet styles when you're looking for a bottle of marsanne white wine, giving you plenty of options.

Hallmarks of this white wine

On the nose, this drink has strong fruity notes of oranges, sweet lemons, figs and pears. It has a luscious texture with a fruity flavor and hints of warm spice like cardamom and anise. For those seeking sweet white wines, this grape produces a unique sweet wine, also called straw wine. Winemakers dry the grapes on straw mats on the sun, which produce concentrated sweet juice, which then goes through fermentation to produce a very sweet wine with low acidity.

Dry white wines like sauvignon blanc are very popular for their clean and refreshing flavor. Marsanne wines are a good alternative to sauvignon blanc for those looking to expand their palate and try out a different variety.

Food pairings

Marsanne is an excellent food pairing wine that goes well with several types of seafood and shellfish. Drier styles of this white wine have a lean flavor profile that blends well with chicken dishes and spicy cuisines like Indian and Thai. Its refreshing taste cuts through creamy sauces to create a well-balanced platter.

White wines are growing in popularity thanks to their bright acidity that makes them an excellent food pairing option. Grow your collection of exotic white wines like marsanne by shopping on Drizly. See if Drizly is in your city and look for liquor stores on Drizly near you.