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All about inzolia

What's inzolia?

Inzolia is a low acidity white wine with low to medium sugar content. This white grape varietal is a key ingredient in popular fortified sweet wines like marsala. Native to Sicily in Italy, inzolia grapes grow in clusters and have a golden yellowish thick skin.

What's the flavor profile of this Italian wine?

Inzolia white wine is a mildly aromatic wine with a crisp and refreshing flavor. On the palate, this drink tastes like white flowers and citrus. There are also fruity notes of pineapple along with hints of sweet almonds and fresh herbs like jasmine and bergamot. Young varieties have a bright and lively flavor and sharp acidity, with fruity pear and sweet lemon hints.

How to serve

Serve this fruity white wine cold but not chilled. This wine tastes best when served at about 50 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit, enhancing its fruity notes without diminishing the aroma. Inzolia tastes great when enjoyed young, one or two years after harvest. For a nuttier aftertaste, allow this wine to age up to three to four years to give it a richer taste.

Food pairings

The light profile of this drink makes it a good aperitif that stimulates your appetite, also acting as a palate cleanser. Its smooth and gentle texture pairs well with simple seafood dishes, allowing the sweet buttery flavor of the seafood to shine through. It also pairs with pasta dishes tossed in a light herb and butter sauce. Soft cheeses and grilled veggies are good food pairing choices.

Connoisseurs love white wines for their refreshing flavor profile and smooth sparkling feel. Add this delectable Italian white wine to your collection by shopping on Drizly or see if we've made it to your city, and look for liquor stores on Drizly near you.