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All about gewürztraminer wine

What does gewürztraminer taste like?

Gewürztraminer wine has a noticeable lychee aroma, other than notes of ginger, rose and grapefruit. Not all varieties, however, are extremely sweet. You'll find that many have a sweet scent, but a fairly dry taste.

This fruity white wine has a medium to low acidity, and it tastes best when served cold at 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Many wine lovers like to compare it with another famous variety, the sauvignon blanc

Foods to serve with gewürztraminer

Thanks to its ginger and floral notes, this aromatic wine pairs well with many Moroccan and Middle Eastern dishes. If you'd prefer something simpler, you can sip gewürztraminer with grilled sausages, stinky cheeses, salmon, omelets and all egg-based dishes. When you want to eat something fancy, you can pair gewürztraminer with foie gras, duck liver pate, truffles and cured meats from Alto Adige, such as speck. 

Serve the wine cold, at a temperature of 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and in a long-stemmed wine glass. When the glass is one-third full, stop pouring to allow the gewürztraminer to aerate. This way, your friends will consider you a real wine expert. Because this delicious wine has a short shelf life, you typically need to finish the bottle 48 hours after opening.

Where does this wine come from?

The gewürztraminer grape originated in Germany, but the wine mostly hails from the Alsace region in France and South Tyrol, Italy. Some varieties come from the United States and New Zealand. The name of the wine could derive from Tramin (Termeno), a city in South Tyrol. Gewurztraminer vines only occupy around 35,000 acres worldwide, which is pretty surprising given that many varieties are very affordable.

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