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All About Gewurztraminer Wine

You may not have heard of it, but Gewürztraminer has been around for 200 years. It's heard all your clever name jokes before. But, if you can get past the name (because let's be honest, you shouldn't try to pronounce it; it'll only come out gew-whatsit-tram-mmen-rrr, and people will think you're already drunk before you've had your first sip), you'll discover an aromatic, slightly sweet wine that offers one of the best values available. Seriously, if you're low on cash and still need to bring a bottle of wine to a party, Gewürztraminer won't let you down.

Gewürztraminer has an intense lychee aroma. Lychee is kind of like a grape-flavored strawberry, in case you were wondering. We know you were. But Gewürztraminer also has notes of grapefruit, rose petal and ginger. If you take a whiff of Gewürztraminer wine and think you'll be put off by the sweetness, take a sip anyway. There are many styles that smell cloyingly sweet but actually have a dry taste.

Even though it's only grown on about 35,000 acres worldwide (compared to nearly 500,000 for Chardonnay), you can find even the best Gewürztraminer wines for right around $20. It's a sumptuous, exotic wine that's a feast for the senses, and it's easy for anyone to enjoy.

Food Pairings:

Some say Gewürztraminer is difficult to pair with food because it isn't as flexible as white wine. Sure, it's no Riesling or Pinot Grigio, but Gewürztraminer is perfectly suited to rich dishes such as foie gras, eggs and truffles — foods that even your favorite white wine has trouble taming.

Thanks to its floral aromas and notes of ginger, Gewürztraminer brings out incredible flavors in Middle Eastern and Moroccan food. Think dishes using nuts and dried fruits with roasted meats. Looking for something a little more approachable? Try grilled sausages or roasted meats such as pork or turkey.

How to Drink Gewürztraminer:

Chill your Gewürztraminer to around 55 to 60 degrees to bring out the best notes in this fragrant wine. If you don't have a wine cooler, simply put the bottle in the fridge overnight.

Pour the Gewürztraminer into a long-stemmed wine glass. Stop pouring when the glass is one-third full to allow the wine to aerate. Just be sure to finish the bottle within 48 hours after opening.

How Do You Say Gewürztraminer?

Okay, we'll help you out, but only because you've been struggling with the pronunciation this whole time. Admit it.

Gewürztraminer = "Ga-veertz-tram-eee-ner"

Now you can impress your friends at parties. Just don't forget a bottle of Gewürztraminer.