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Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.


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      All about furmint

      What is furmint?

      Furmint wine originated in the Tokaj region of Hungary, and people serve it as a dry wine and as a sweet Aszú dessert wine. This wine varies in appearance from pastel shades of straw to pale amber. A light-bodied wine, it's popular for prominent levels of acidity. The dry furmint carries fruity notes of pineapple, peaches, apricot, orange, pear, green apple and lemon. A note of minerality may also be present. It's best paired with sushi, uncooked oysters, shellfish, spicy, herb-flavored chicken or fish, as well as with a variety of vegetables. It brings out the delicacy of Asian dishes such as dumplings.

      Furmint family

      Furmint compares with chardonnay for its sparkle and Chablis for its spiciness. In the mouth, it's acidic, tasting deeply of lime juice and lemon rind. On the nose, it delivers an intricate bouquet of blossoms — honeysuckle, apple, mango and lemon. A non-oaked wine, furmint has a crunchy mouthfeel and shows boldness that leads to a clean finish. It's about 13.5% ABV, making it a potent wine, and features an intense green spice flavor.

      Furmint characteristics

      Furmint grapes brew into wines that can be dry or sweet. Mature grapes that aren’t botrytised yet (affected by a fungus) produce a dry white wine, the texture of which varies from creamy to crisp but with an undertone of lemon. Traditionally grown in Hungary, Furmint grapes are also harvested in the neighboring countries of Romania or Slovenia. Every change in terrain brings changes in the wine the grapes produce. The Tokaj vineyard varieties reflect changes with even minute shifts in the terrain. Winemakers focus on aged vines and low yields to create novel dry wines that are floral and touched with flavors of ginger, peperoncino and smoke. As a bone dry white wine, it's similar to riesling.

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