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All about Falanghina wine

What is Falanghina?

Falanghina wine comes from the region of Campania, Italy, and especially in the area of the Phlegraean Fields and Amalfi. It's available in three variants: still, sparkling and raisin. 

This medium-bodied white wine is dry, with a refreshing flavor and good acidity, which balances the alcohol content. Still versions have an intense floral scent, with notes of the brooms from the Vesuvius. They also feature flavor notes of pear, green apple, banana and sometimes basil. Sparkling versions have a simpler and more delicate flavor profile, while raisin versions feature notes of honey, citrus, apricot, anise and freshly cut grass. 

How do you serve it?

Remember to serve sparkly Falanghina white wine at a temperature of 43 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit, to get the most out of its flavor. Choose a nice flute glass for a classy effect. You can serve still versions at 50F to 53F, and raisin versions at 46F to 50F. Use a white wine glass. 

Try still Falanghina with seafood, legumes, mushroom soups, white meats and fresh cheeses like buffalo mozzarella. If you'd prefer a raisin version, serve it with aged cheeses and desserts. The sparkling version has a very refreshing taste, which makes it a good choice as an aperitif. It works wonders with seafood-based appetizers. 

A short history of Falanghina

In Campania, farmers have been growing Falanghina grapes since forever. They learned very soon that the ashes from Vesuvius impart a distinctive flavor to the grapes. In the 1980s, an earthquake disrupted the area and its economy. Therefore, local authorities decided to use emergency funds to build a new viticulture industry with Falanghina as a protagonist.

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