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All about erbaluce

What is erbaluce?

Light-bodied and distinctly acidic, erbaluce wine is a dry wine from Italy. Bearing a delicate balance of mineral and fruit flavors, this wine is richly aromatic with notes of honeydew, star fruit and gooseberry. There's a noticeable scent of almond and white pepper as well. A lightly fragrant white wine, it often ages in oak barrels or stainless steel containers. It pairs well with hors d'oeuvres, trout, pork, veal, risotto, salads or seafood. It often brings to mind the texture of crushed gravel. The taste carries a sharp, lemony finish.

Erbaluce family

Erbaluce grapes impart an instantly recognizable coolness of the mountains to this Italian wine. Grown in the Piedmont region of Italy, the winemakers vinify these grapes into both dry and sweet wines. It's the hilly terrain that adds to the grapes the fragrance of herbs like rosemary or sage along with a hint of apples. A popular erbaluce wine, cultivated in the Caluso region, the Orsolani Erbaluce di Caluso, is light on the palate and has a well-rounded body owing to a large fruit mass that prevents thinning. It recalls the fresh aroma of meadow blooms like jasmine. This wine is potent and contains slightly more than 13% alcohol by volume (ABV).

Erbaluce characteristics

The wine grape derives its name from the Italian words erba (herbs) and luce (light), and it displays an excellent color at a young age, something that's quite visible in wines like sauvignon blanc. Somewhat plump and leathery, erbaluce grapes ripen into more fragrant characteristics when grown in sandy vineyards. These grapes produce two different styles of wine, depending on the yield and the process of wine crafting. The wine enjoys a rich heritage, and wine crafters made it in ancient Rome. It matures finely in the cellar for five to ten years. It's a deeply acidic table wine and pairs well with cheese.

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