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All about chenin blanc wine

What is chenin blanc?

Native to Loire Valley of France, chenin blanc is a white grape variety. It has a floral scent and leaves fruity notes of apple and pear on the palate. Chenin blanc wine counts this type of white grape as its key ingredient and has medium to high acidity. This white grape from France is very versatile, winemakers use it to make a variety of wine styles, including dry summer whites to sparkling and oak-aged types. 

Flavor profile of this white wine

Chenin blanc white wine that comes from South Africa has tropical flavors of melon, pineapple and banana along with subtle notes of green apple. It has significant acidity that freshens up the palate. Dessert wines that feature this white grape exhibit a great balance of flavors, thanks to the acidity that cuts through the sweetness.

Popular styles of white wine

If you’re looking for a creamy white wine with complex fruity flavors, try cederberg chenin blanc. The crisp acidity of this wine gives it a well-rounded profile, so it complements light summer salads and creamy dishes.

A South African wine, lubanzi chenin blanc has a fresh flavor and deep straw color. This South African blend evokes exotic aromas of tropical and stone fruits, specifically tangerine and lychee.

Another white wine, sauvignon blanc, also has a refreshing flavor, featuring strong minerality and aromas of grasses and herbs. It pairs well with dishes that include herb-based sauces like pesto or salsa verde.

Ideal chenin blanc food pairings

The acidic flavor of this wine, coupled with its mild sweetness, makes it suitable for dishes that have a sweet and sour flavor profile. Southeast Asian dishes such as Thai curries pair well with chenin blanc. Meat and poultry served with mildly sweet sauces, such as an apple and ginger-infused sauce, go well with sweeter notes of this wine.

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