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All about cayuga

What is cayuga white?

Cayuga white wine derives from a hybrid grape variety. Most cayuga grapes come from New York state, in the region around the Finger Lakes. Why is it a hybrid grape variety? It's a cross of two other quality grapes, seyval blanc and schuyler. In its turn, schuyler is a crossing of zinfandel, a grape variety common in California.

Wines that derive from this white grape can be sparkling or still. If the producers harvest the fruits early, they can make dry or semi-dry wines with a balanced flavor and a medium body. If they decide to harvest the fruit later in the fall, the higher sugar content creates delicious, fruity semi-sweet cayuga grape wines.

These wines tend to have notes of apricots, peaches and melons. Wine experts like to compare the flavor of cayuga white to rieslings, pinot grigios and sauvignon blancs.

Cayuga's story

The cayuga white grape was born at Cornell University in New York in 1945 when the researchers of the Geneva Wine Grape Breeding Program wanted to breed a variety that could resist the state's harsh winters as well as fungus diseases. In 1972, the scholars released the grape variety named cayuga.

The best food pairings for cayuga wines

Like the most renowned chardonnays and many other white wines, cayuga white pairs well with a wide choice of dishes. Try it with ham sandwiches during a picnic or grilled meats at a barbecue party in your backyard. Alternatively, serve it with pork, chicken and spicy foods. Most Asian dishes taste delicious with this white grape wine.

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