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All about catarratto

Why choose catarratto wine?

Catarratto wine comes from Sicily, Italy. It's a light and easy-to-drink white wine that comes from grapes with a neutral taste and low-acidity. They form a component of popular wines such as marsala. Catarratto is the most-planted grape variety in Italy.

Flavor profile of this white wine

Catarratto white wine has a sparkling and refreshing flavor with mild acidity and moderate alcohol content. It's an aromatic drink with citrusy hints of lemon zest and wild oranges. Tropical notes of grapefruit and passionflower also greet the senses as you sip this Italian white wine. Like French viognier, this wine is light and soft on the palate with a lovely perfume of sweet spices.

Young winemakers are experimenting with newer styles of catarratto, using techniques like skin maceration and grape drying. This results in a more intense variety of this wine with exotic notes of hazelnut and a more intricate, aromatic character.

Food pairings with this drink

This wine pairs well with light courses such as seafood, fish and white meats. It also goes well with the rustic flavor of grilled vegetables and complements the mildly tart flavor of soft goat cheese. If you're sampling traditional Sicilian cuisine, this wine is a fantastic component to authentic dishes like antipasti, vongole pasta or arancini.

Serving tips for this aromatic wine

Serve this Italian wine in a traditional white wine glass at a cold temperature between 45 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This variety of white wine tastes nice when it's young, but aging it for up to three to four years enhances its aroma and flavor.

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