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All about carricante

Carricante — an ancient history

Originating from Sicily in Italy, carricante is an ancient variety of white grape known for its striking acidity and high yields. Carricante white wine uses this variety of grapes for a refreshing drink. White wines use either white or red grapes, but they're fermented without skins, lending them a clear hue. Chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, riesling and more are popular varieties of white wine. Available in a variety of styles with varied aroma and flavor notes, fans love white wines for their crisp and refreshing feel.

Flavor profile of carricante

This drink has a refreshing aroma of a spectrum of citrus fruits, including lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange. Subtle hints of herbal notes, such as mint and aniseed, cleanse the palate. With an underlying mineral character, this liquor acquires tart notes of green apple when aged in stainless steel barrels.

Etna bianco wine fact

To acquire the Etna bianco label, this wine must contain a minimum of 60% carricante grapes. Catarratto is a secondary grape found in the etna bianco wine. However, wine makers use some other varieties too. You'll notice floral hints of white acacia, fresh almonds and mountain peaches. It has mellow notes of fruits, such as yellow plums and prickly pear, for a refreshing palate.

Food pairings with carricante

This versatile white wine pairs well with varied foods. With sparkling acidity, this dry wine blends well with seafood, poultry, grilled vegetables and soft goat cheese. Citrus-based sauces, such as grilled fish with a lemon sauce, complement the refreshing flavor of this wine for a delicious meal.

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