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All about arinto

Arinto wine originates from Portugal

Arinto is a white wine that's indigenous to Portugal. It's highly acidic and pairs well with rich seafood like salt cod. It has the aromas of citrus and white flowers and flavors of lemon zest, lime and peach along with some mineral notes. The wine gains complexity with a light touch of oak. It has a light to medium body and dry taste. People often consume it young, but it ages well if they keep it in bottles for some years. 

Food pairings with arinto

Arinto has a juicy youthful taste that lets it pair well with marinated antipasto, dressed salads and crustaceans like lobsters and crabs. It also goes well with grilled light foods like vegetable brochettes, quail and fish fillets. Its mineral taste brings out the smoky elements of the wine, and you can enjoy the core flavors easily. If you're planning a summer picnic, arinto is a terrific wine to carry. It pairs with salads, mixed sandwiches and different types of olives. It also goes well with Asian foods like steamed fish with lemongrass and European foods such as shrimp terrine. If you want to try American food, pair it with chicken salad with walnuts and. 

Arinto vineyards

Arinto grapes grow in big and tight bunches with medium-sized yellow berries. This grape grows in almost every wine region throughout Portugal, especially the areas around Lisbon. It originally came from southern Portugal, but now it's popular in the northern part of the country as well. In northern Portugal, it goes by the name pederna. Today, arinto grapes grow from Douro in northern Portugal to inland areas of Alentejo. There are several varieties of arinto grapes, and winemakers can use them to blend with other wines. Winemakers most commonly blend it with loureiro, another white wine grape that grows in Portugal. They can also blend it with viognier, a white wine variant.

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