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All about non-alcoholic wine

What's non-alcoholic wine?

If you lead an alcoholic-free lifestyle or are transitioning to one, non-alcoholic wines let you to enjoy the experience of drinking wine, but without alcohol. To meet the criteria of a non-alcoholic beverage, the wine must contain less than 0.5% alcohol. Anything above this and the drink will not meet the guidelines of a non-alcoholic beverage.

How's NA wine made?

Making de-alcoholized wine is similar to the regular winemaking process. Winemakers press harvested grapes to extract the juice, which then goes through fermentation and aging. The next step is the differentiating factor: winemakers remove alcohol from the drink, either through steam or vacuum distillation. This results in a drink that tastes, smell and feels similar to regular wine, but doesn't contain alcohol. Some brands use cold filtration to get rid of the alcohol from the wine. This keeps the natural flavor of the grapes intact, resulting in a finer wine.

Taste profile of this beverage

Alcohol lends body and texture to the wine, and by removing this key content, alcohol-free wines tend to be much lighter and less robust on the palate. They have a smooth finish and are extremely easy to drink. If you're accustomed to drinking regular wine, it may take a few times before you fall in love with the light flavor the alcoholic-free version.

When seeking an alcohol-free red wine, Ariel cabernet sauvignon is a nice choice. This drink features premium California grapes. It has enticing aromas of dark fruits and chocolate with soft tannins and a dry mouth feel. For white wine fans, try non-alcoholic Ariel chardonnay, which features fruity notes that are a hallmark of white wines. This refreshing beverage also includes delectable flavors of apple and butterscotch and ages beautifully to acquire complex notes.

Adding more varieties and styles of wines, such as fruit wines, to your collection helps you dine and entertain in style. For guests who don't drink alcohol, keeping a bottle of alcohol-free wine handy gives you more serving choices. Find your favorite brand of non-alcoholic wine by searching Drizly in your city, and look for liquor stores on Drizly near you.

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