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All about non-alcoholic wine

Often called alcohol-free, or dealcoholized wine, nonalcoholic wine is a great substitute for those who want to enjoy the taste of wine without the alcohol. You’re probably asking “isn’t nonalcoholic wine just grape juice?” Not really. Making alcohol-free wine is actually pretty similar to making typical wine.

How do you make non-alcoholic wine?

Like we said, pretty similar to the way alcoholic wine is made. Grapes get harvested and sorted. Then the grapes get destemmed, pressed and either removed from the grape skins, seeds and solids, or not, depending on the kind of wine being made. This mixture then starts getting fermented and aged. Afterwards, the alcohol is removed from the wine by distilling out  the alcohol through steam, or through filtration. This gives non-alcoholic wine the complexity in flavor similar to regular wines.

Does nonalcoholic wine have alcohol?

Technically, yes. Although, there’s a legal limit.  To meet the legal definition of “NA,” wine or beer must contain less than 0.5% alcohol. Anything above this ABV must be considered regular wine.

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