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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Fruit Wine

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    All about fruit wine

    What are the ingredients of fruit wine?

    Fruit wine refers to a fermented beverage that uses any fruit juice other than grape juice as its base ingredient. They are often flavored with flowers, herbs and spices to give them a unique character. Winemakers use fruit juices like pineapple, cherry, plum, blackberry, apple, strawberry or pomegranate to create delectable drinks that taste delicious. The process of making fruit wine is similar to grape wine manufacturing, where yeast feeds on the sugars in the fruit to convert it into alcohol.

    A fruity flavor profile

    The flavor characteristics and color of the wine depend mostly on its core ingredient and the length of the fermentation process. Mature fruit wines have a tangy flavor, while young and fresh drinks taste soft and refreshing on the palate. Strawberry wine, for example, has a clean and crisp flavor profile with fruity notes and a perfume-like aroma. If you're looking for a fruity alcoholic drink as an aperitif, try a plum wine with a rich and sweet taste and an aromatic flavor profile.

    If you love the sweet flavors of fruit wine, give sangria a try too. It's a mixed alcoholic drink that's a medley of red or white wine, fruit juice, flavored syrup, sparkling water and fresh fruits. There are plenty of variations of traditional sangria, but the flavor profile of this Spanish drink is similar to fruity alcohol, leaning toward the sweeter end of the spectrum with refreshing fruity notes. Sangria makes for a fresh-tasting summer beverage, which is nice to serve with fresh salads, appetizers and cheese platters.

    Fruit wines taste nice on their own, or you can get creative and mix them up with liquors of your choice to create lovely cocktails that'll become favorites of friends and family. Grab a bottle of tasty fruity wine by shopping on Drizly or see if we've made it to your city. Click these handy links to search for Drizly in your city and look for liquor stores on Drizly near you.

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