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Spanish Wines

Spain is known for producing Tempranillo and Bobal grapes, which create specific kinds of wine you can only get in Spain. Though Spain makes many wines, where are some you absolutely have to try:


Rioja wine, simply, is just red wine in Spain. That being said, four varieties of Rioja come from Spain that you'll want to try. The basic is just Rioja, which has very few tannins and isn't aged in oak. Next up is Crianza, which has a year of oak aging and a year of bottle aging, and tastes a bit like Cabernet Sauvignon.

Reserva is a high-end Rioja; it spends a year in oak and then two years in a bottle. It straddles the gap between fruity and oaky. Finally, Gran Reserva is the most expensive and most flavorful Rioja you can get. A Gran Reserva wine has been aged for at least two years in oak and then three years in a bottle. Gran Reserva is often aged as long as 10 years and has a wonderfully oaky body.


Every country famous for wine has its own sparkling variety, and Cava belongs to Spain. Cava isn't very sweet, so if you're into dry sparkling wines, Cava is for you. If you go for Brut Cava, expect very little sugar and sweetness. People love Brut Cava because it's very low-calorie.

Cava Rosé has other grapes mixed in to give it a pink flavor. This also adds fruity notes and a few floral scents. Finally, you have the vintage and aged Cava. You often get full-bodied wine with baked pastry notes floating around. Many aged Cava makers actually use French grapes.


Albarino is an aromatic white wine that everyone needs to try at least once. You and your friends can have fun discerning scents like beeswax and Thai basil. It's very acidic, a little salty, and lingers on your tongue after you sip. It's pretty light-bodied for a white, and tastes delicious with seafood, mild cheeses, and lots of vegetables.

Ribera del Duero:

When the Tempranillo grape is grown in the Duero River valley, you get delicious full-bodied red wines. Expect moderate tannins and dark fruit tastes like black cherry and blackberry. You'll also taste some mocha, black truffle, and even some herbs. This region is where several of Spain's most high-end wines come from. That being said, you can still find some very affordable bottles.