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All about nigori sake

What is sake?

Sake is an alcoholic drink made from polished, fermented rice. Despite popular belief, and its nickname "rice wine," sake is not technically wine. Hear us out. Wine is produced by fermenting sugar that is in fruit. Sake is produced by converting starch to sugars, which is actually more similar to the brewing of beer. 

What is nigori?

The word ‘nigori’ translates roughly to cloudy. So it’s no surprise that this drink is, well, a cloudy sake. Nigori tends to have a fruity nose and mild flavor. It’s generally the sweetest of all sakes and complements spicy foods, or is a great dessert drink. Nigori is served chilled, and is recommended to be shaken to mix the sediment at the bottom of the bottle to get the range of flavors and the signature look. Nigori is usually about 12-17% ABV, but can be as high as 20%.

How is nigori made?

Usually, sake is filtered to remove grain solids after the fermentation process. Nigori though, is filtered with a mesh that is slightly broader then usual to help more rice particles stay in the drink. This makes for a cloudier, slightly thicker and sweeter beverage.

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