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All about junmai sake

First things first, sake isn’t technically rice wine.  Since wine is made from fermented fruit, and rice isn’t a fruit, we’re compelled to tell it like it is. Despite the fermentation process, sake does has a similar alcohol content to wine. Hence the nickname.

How is sake made?

Sake is actually made from four ingredients - rice, water, yeast and koji - in a two step process. First, sake makers turn rice starch into sugars. Then, they add sugar to turn that starch into alcohol. From here, different ingredients are added to create different types of sake.

What is junmai?

Junmai is the term for “pure rice.” This means Junmai is made with rice polished to at least 70%, and is brewed using rice, water, yeast and koji - nothing else. Junmai usually is full bodied and slightly acidic. Junmai sake is best served at room temperature or hot.

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