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All about junmai ginjo

Junmai ginjo sake may be handcrafted

Junmai ginjo sake is a premium sake that crafters brew using rice, yeast, water and koji (a type of mold). It has no added sugar or alcohol. If a bottle of Japanese sake doesn't say junmai, it means it usually has brewer's alcohol or sweeteners added to it. Adding alcohol or sweeteners isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes, brewers put additives to enhance the flavor profile or aroma of sake or to make it smoother. Brewers often handcraft Junmai ginjo sake. Brewers have to mill each rice grain to 70% seimaibuai, giving a clean, distinctive and aromatic drink. Seimaibuai is a term that refers to how much a grain of rice mills to create sake. People consider this metric to select the right sake.

Elegant deliciousness

Junmai ginjo is an organic sake that has a playful and light essence with a dry flavor. They use highly polished rice to make it, which results in a smooth texture with a comforting freshness. It has a medium to full body and tastes of Mandarin orange. It's so smooth that you may prefer it sometimes instead of wine. Serve the sake cool or at room temperature. Junmai ginjo is rich and has an intense flavor. It's acidic in taste and pairs well with sweet and fatty foods. It's fragrant, fruity and easy to drink.

The right way to consume this sake

While people serve many sakes warm, they consume fruity sakes cold. Since junmai ginjo has fruity aromas, it's best to serve it cold. You can also drink it at room temperature. Pair the sake with food or consume it on its own. It goes well with foods that have rich flavors. Enjoy a bottle of junmai ginjo with grilled steak made with Asian spices. It also matches with meaty seafood and cream cheese.

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