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All about sangiovese

Learn about Sangiovese wine

If you want to explore fruity yet savory wine, then a bottle of Sangiovese is a good option. The good news is that the flavor varies depending on where the grapes grow. If you're unsure about a piquant wine, you can start with a fruitier one first. Before you do that, learn a bit more about this variety of wine.

The origin of Sangiovese

Born and raised in Italy, the grapes grow throughout the country rather than isolated to one region. Planted widely in Tuscany, the vines also grow in Umbria, Corsica, Marche and Lazio. While it is unusual to find his grape outside of Italy, it is not unheard of. Ferrari Carano Siena is a variety from Sonoma, California.

Flavor profile review

The grapes for this wine can change the flavor to fit the surrounding environment. That makes the vines chameleon-like. It also changes the flavor profile of wines produced from these grapes. Thus, there are many different varieties of this Italian red wine with different tastes.

However, the wine carries both fruity and spicy flavors, no matter where the grapes grow. For fruits, cherry is the predominant flavor, but fig, strawberry and plum are also present. For savory notes, there is tomato, thyme, clay, leather, roasted pepper, dried roses, oregano, tobacco and smoke. This red wine can be either earthier or fruitier, depending on the vines. It has high acidity and high tannin levels and ages from four and seven years in oak barrels.

Foods pairings to consider

The tangy tones make Sangiovese a wine that pairs well with a variety of foods and flavors. It works well with herby dishes or anything with tomatoes. Rich meats and hard cheeses are also ideal food companions for a bottle of Era Montepulciano. If you're a vegetarian, try a bottle of this red blend alongside roasted vegetables and olive oil to bring out the fruity flavors. If you change your food options and want a wine that goes with a lot of foods, this is your answer.

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