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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.


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      All about pinotage

      What is pinotage wine?

      Pinotage wine is a rich red color and comes laden with fruit flavors. It feels bold and smooth with an overwhelming aroma of deep red and dark fruit, mainly raspberry, fig, red licorice, black cherry and blackberry. You can also sense an occasional note of red bell pepper. With moderate dryness, pinotage red wine delivers a mild sugary finish with flavors of menthol. On a good bottle of pinotage, you might find several other flavors like dried leaves, bacon, sweet pipe tobacco and others. It stays fresh for about an hour in a decanter and ages past a decade in cellars. Being low in acidity, it pairs well with spicy sauces and salmon, barbecued beef and duck. Pinotage is a cross between pinot noir and cinsaut.

      Pinotage wine grape family

      This grape has a dark pigmentation that's not present in its parent berries. Pinotage vines are productive and hardy, but they can have issues if they don't get the right terroir. Since it can go bad quickly, winemakers exercise caution while fermenting the wine. If it gets too hot, this full-bodied red wine can develop acetone-like flavors. The grape is high in tannins, which impart a stinging astringency to the wine. The original French grape has a degree of lingering sweetness, a quality that intensifies when it is oak matured. While the grape mainly grows in South Africa, some other regions where it finds its place are Israel, the United States and New Zealand.

      Pinotage grape history

      The grape started in South Africa around 1925. In the 20th century, winemakers in South Africa put quantity over quality. Winemakers used pinotage to make rather insipid wines, and the grape's popularity hit its lows in the 1980s. It saw a surge in popularity, both locally and internationally, in the 1990s after the lifting of sanctions that other countries imposed during the apartheid. This resulted in much better quality wines that are enjoyed by connoisseurs. Thus, the Pinotage Association came into being in 1995.

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