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More About Mark West Wines

The people at Mark West wines have probably said pinot so many times that the word has lost all meaning. That's because this California winery is dedicated solely to the production of pinot. Sourcing grapes from Central Valley and Sonoma Valley in the Golden State and Willamette Valley in Oregon, Mark West creates both a pinot noir and pinot grigio that are crisp, balanced, light and refreshing.

Mark West wines started in 1978 with a commitment to turning California into a pinot hot spot. Fickle, thin-skinned and disease-susceptible, the pinot grape isn't an easy mistress, which is why the company decided to source their grapes rather than grow them in a single location. Each shipment of pinot grapes received at their facility is immediately de-stemmed, pressed and ready for fermentation the same day, guaranteeing the quality of each bottle.

The first time you knock back a glass of Mark West, it must be the California pinot noir. This flagship wine offers hints of strawberry, plum, black cherry and cola with a medium body. The lighter, fruit-forward Mark West California pinot grigio isn't the red wine that's made Napa and Central Valley popular, but its crisp acidity and subtle finish make it the perfect partner for a day of lounging poolside or on the patio.