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About Underwood Wine

Drinking wine doesn't have to be an intimidating experience. If you're looking for an approachable beverage for simple sipping, Underwood has what you're after. Have you ever wished you could crack open a chilled can at your favorite concert without having to go for a beer? Underwood's Oregon wines come packaged in convenient cans with sleek, sophisticated designs. Pack your cooler in a fresh new way with cans of rosé, riesling, pinot noir and pinot gris. Prefer traditional bottles? You're covered there, too. Underwood even offers some bubbly picks for those special evenings when you want a sparkling beverage for your menu. Blushing rosé bubbles are just the thing for your bridal shower or garden party. The Bubbles is a lighter bubbly with tropical fruit and citrus flavors accented with white flowers. From go-anywhere cans of wine to pretty picks in glass bottles, you'll find the right complement for any event in this selection. Picking your wine just got so simple that you'll have twice as much time to put together the rest of the details for an unforgettable evening.