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All about piedirosso

What's piedirosso wine?

Native to Naples in Italy, Piedirosso grapes are a variety of reddish purple-skinned grapes. Piedirosso wines feature a dark, ruby-red color with a full-bodied texture and soft tannins. Single varietals of this wine are rare, with most winemakers blending Piedirosso grapes with grape varieties such as Aglianico or Sciascinoso. This grape variety also finds a place in Italian-style straw wines that have a sweet taste.

Flavor profile of this Italian wine

Single varietals of this Italian red wine have bold flavors of dark cherry fruits including plum and wild berry. Secondary notes of mushroom, damp earth and espresso interlace the cherry flavors for a lovely drink with a punching taste. These grapes need volcanic soils to flourish, which in turn lends the wines a minerally salty character. Piedirosso grapes help tone down the intense flavor of aglianico wines, giving them a complex yet soft and well-balanced taste. Some varieties of rosé wines also use these grapes to give them beautiful color and bracing fruity notes.

Food pairings

This fruity red wine pairs brilliantly with traditional Italian foods such as rustic-cheese pizza. It's also a great accompaniment to simple dishes such as grilled portobello mushrooms seasoned with mozzarella and thyme. Simple flavors elevate the earthy notes of this red wine, helping you enjoy a well-balanced meal where both the food and drink shine.

Known for their bold flavors and peppery notes, red wines are an important part of your wine collection. Trying out newer styles such as piedirosso will expand your palate, helping you sample varied flavors and distinct aromas. Grab your bottle by shopping on Drizly, or see if we've made it to your city. Click these links to search for Drizly in your city, and look for liquor stores on Drizly near you.