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Petit Verdot

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All about petit verdot

Where does petit verdot originate?

A red grape varietal that finds a place in famed Boudreaux blends, petit verdot is native to France. Other wine growing regions of the world, including Spain, Australia, the United States and others also produce this red grape variety. Winemakers now create single varietal petit verdot wines that feature bold flavors and ethereal aromas. This drink is a treat for red wine connoisseurs seeking a different flavor with a distinct character.

Flavor profile

As you sip a glass of petit verdot red wine, you'll notice fruity aromas of dark berries, such as black cherry and plum. Floral notes of lilac and sage are there as well. The flavor profile of this wine varies depending on where it grows. This variety of wine from cooler climates, such as France, features strong hints of dried herbs and tart berries. Warm climates create petit verdot wines with intense jamminess that reminds you of blackberry sauce and candied violets. The interlacing of fruity and floral notes gives this aromatic red wine an exceptional character. Some producers oak age this beverage to mellow down its bold fruity flavor, layering it with hints of vanilla, hazelnut and mocha. On the palate, this drink has a full-bodied texture with a dry finish and considerable acidity.

Ideal food pairings to consider

The bold dark fruit flavors of this red wine make it a delectable food pairing option with meaty dishes featuring strong spices and zesty sauces. Think a lamb stew, barbecue sauce-glazed pork ribs or beef with a mole sauce. The dried herb flavor of this drink also meshes well with Middle Eastern spiced meat and rice dishes like shish kebobs or Iranian beryooni. Various varieties of mushrooms, like shitake and portobello, pair well with this bold red wine, along with aged cheeses with a sharp flavor also marry well with this strong-flavored wine.

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