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Nebbiolo Wines

Nebbiolo wine is a light red that is popular around the world. Named for the Italian word for noble, Nebbiolo is just that. This wine requires several years of aging, but it's worth the wait. When you're looking for a new adventure to try, or simply want a drink that has a beautifully blended flavor, make sure to try any of the outstanding varieties of Nebbiolo.

Where Does Nebbiolo Come From?

There are several areas of Italy that produce outstanding Nebbiolo grapes, offering you the best wine they can produce. The Langhe region is made up of Barbaresco, Barolo and Roero. The fog that collects in the mornings here makes growing the grapes more difficult, but an excellent vintage is still produced. The most popular and famous Nebbiolo wines come from this area of Italy. In the United States, you can find vintages of Nebbiolo coming from California and Washington State.

Flavor of Nebbiolo:

The complex flavor of Nebbiolo comes not only from the grapes but from the intense wine making process they go through. Depending on where the grapes are grown and the spices used to bring out the flavors of those grapes, you'll find a variety of tastes with Nebbiolo wine. Keep in mind that while the aroma of the wine is light, by contrast the flavor is bold and full.

The tannin of your Nebbiolo is almost leathery. It clings to your mouth in a pleasant way. The fruity flavors that come out make drinking this wine an experience unlike anything else. Some of the flavor profiles you may come across include cranberry, cherry, raspberry or even rose hip. Make sure you get the best flavor from your Nebbiolo by decanting it from 45 minutes to two hours.

Nebbiolo Food Pairings:

When you have a wine like Nebbiolo, you need to pair it with the right foods. This wine goes best with meats that are less gamey with the fat needed to absorb the tannin. Consider a roast turkey, braised duck or beef tenderloin for your meat. A variety of cheeses pair well with the Nebbiolo, such as fresh burrata, manchego, béchamel sauce and pecorino.

Vegetables and other additions to add to your meal include olives, wild mushrooms, cippolini onions and wild rice. Make sure you have the best spices to blend well with this wine. Consider rose hip, Ceylon cinnamon, sage, tarragon or clove.

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