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All about muscadin

The history of muscadine

Muscadine wine is one of the few made with a grape variety native to the United States. The producers have been using muscadine grapes to produce dry and port-style wines since the 16th century. The long history of this wine started in Florida, near St. Augustine, but then the variety became popular throughout the Southern states. 

Muscadine grapes are a species called vitis rotundifolia. They have green or black berries that are typically as large as a golf ball. Technically, you can eat muscadine grapes, but the skin is pretty tough and not edible. But the wine made from the grapes is delicious.

Today, there are around 3,200 acres of muscadine vines across Georgia, the Carolinas, Florida and Mississippi. This delicious dessert wine may not be the most famous in the world, but it's certainly popular in the southern states and its reputation is growing. 

What does it taste like?

Muscadine grapes can produce both red and white wines. Most varieties are sweet because producers add sugar to the wine, but there are many dry ones as well. Both red and white muscadine wines are medium-bodied.

White varieties feature notes of banana, apples and flowers, while the red ones have notes of strawberries and cranberries. Both whites and reds have slight aromas of pine, lime and salt. Chill muscadine before serving it, and enjoy it young because it oxidates easily.

Food pairings that go well with muscadine

Sweet varieties, like the duplin sweet muscadine, pair well with grilled meats and spicy foods. Try it with Thai dishes, pork ribs, chicken wings, nachos and brisket. Some varieties also taste good with fish.

Thanks to their sweetness, muscadine grape wines blend well with fruity desserts. Try them with fruit sauces, peach bread or typical southern desserts. 

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