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Mourvedre / Monastrell

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All about mourvedre

Though it sounds like the villain from a fantasy novel, mourvedre is actually the French name for monastrell, a luscious Spanish red grape variety that you can find in a bunch of delicious wines worldwide. The grapes traditionally grow in French Provence and Spain, but you can also find great Californian examples of this strong, fruity red.

What does mourvedre taste like?

Tell your outfielders to back up, because wine with dominant mourvedre presence (also look for it as monastrell) can be a heavy hitter – in the best way. Bottles will vary depending upon year, terroir, etc, but any mourvedre worth its vines will display bright aromas of ripe fruit like blackberries and plums as well as aromas of spice and even a mysterious, comforting meaty character. These strong aromas should help balance powerful tannins and warming alcohol vapors. The fruity aromas and tannins translate to the flavor of this dry red, where a gorgeously decadent chocolate note might join the party. Oak-aged examples should also display a nice toasty character. A medium-to-high body helps support it all. Alcohol can be upwards of 15%, so plan accordingly.

What pairs well with mourvedre?

Mourvedre’s inherent intensity, fruitiness, and strength pairs well with red meats and even just a good BBQ burger. Many great mourvedre-based wines are surprisingly affordable, making good sidekicks for informal occasions like BBQ’s and camping.

Which wines contain mourvedre?

The mourvedre grape finds its way into a bunch of excellent styles. In addition to monastrell, it’s the principal grape in the wines of jumilla, alicante, almansa, and the rare-but-mighty Riviera classic bandol. Mourvedre is a frequent blend partner with the sweeter and more well-known grenache (garnacha), so if you’re a fan of that grape, you might love how those two big reds pair up. If you find a brand that you really love, grab an extra bottle and let it cellar for a few years, as this is a grape that continues to develop with time.

With its deep ripe fruit flavors, rare meaty characteristics and great structure, mourvedre makes for a pretty exciting red wine. Search Drizly now to find it on its own or blended to perfection! Shop Drizly by clicking on these links to search for Drizly in your city and look for liquor stores on Drizly near you.

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