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All About gamay Wines

What does gamay taste like?

Gamay tends to taste similar to pinot noir, but it's typically more affordable. When you're a bit short of readies but still want to enjoy a great glass of red, this nectar may be a nice alternative to more costly red wines. It's a light-bodied red wine with high acidity, tart flavor and bitter aftertaste. It can feature notes of currant, raspberry, cherry, flowers and soil. Sometimes, you'll also identify a slight banana flavor, which originates from a process called carbonic maceration. Varieties from different regions typically have slightly different flavor profiles. 

The history of gamay

In the 14th century, the government of Burgundy, a region in eastern-central France, decided to ban the cultivation of gamay grapes. Therefore, the locals had to replace gamay vines with the more famous pinot noir ones. In the nearby region of Beaujolais, the inhabitants were free to cultivate gamay grapes. That's why today most gamay red wine comes from Beaujolais.

In the mid-20th century, winemakers finally realized that the techniques they were using reduced the quality of gamay. Some forward-thinking producers thankfully rescued the traditional techniques, so gamay could become the delicious, light-bodied red wine we know today. In recent times, gamay became more and more popular, so today there are producers even in Canada, Oregon and New Zealand. 

Which foods can you serve with gamay?

Sommeliers say that gamay, thanks to its low tannin, high acidity and fruity notes, pairs well with almost anything. Serve this wine with a plate of brie, Swiss, gruyere, Monterey Jack and goat cheese or with poultry and pork. Gamay also pairs well with dishes full of spices and herbs. 

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