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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

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      All about dornfelder wine

      Dornfelder wine is a deep, red wine from Germany, and wine lovers admire it for its fresh floral aroma and distinctive sharp taste. While the sweet flavors of flowers and blackberries dominate its taste, the wine is oak-matured and has a rich aroma of baking spices. Usually paired with a meat lover's pizza and pork or poultry roasts, this medium- to full-bodied wine variety has hints of vanilla, nutmeg and cloves.

      Dornfelder family

      The dornfelder variety of grapes, which lends its name to the wine, was initially used to brew a wine of deeper shade than the usually pale red wines of Germany. It features an enticing look with deep scarlet tones. A high-yielding variety, the grape ripens swiftly and adds a significant tartness to the dornfelder red wine. It develops into a delicious wine and is often compared with Trolslinger and Spatburgunder. Ideal for warm summer days, the wine is light and sweet-smelling with moderate levels of alcohol.

      Dornfelder characteristics

      German dornfelder is a once-rare wine that is now available outside Germany. A German grape grower created this variety to add rich color to the pale red wines of the country. Dornfelder grapes also grow in England, where they're often mixed with pinot noir varieties. Since the creators developed them as blending grapes, the wine was rare. As it gained popularity, it became more easily available. Dornfelder grapes have thick peels and intense colors that create beautiful-looking wines. They bring an intricate feel and flavor to the drink. These grapes are a wine connoisseur's delight as they add a burst of fruity flavor to rich wines. The wine also gets a more austere, dry note as it ages in oak casks. Being a full-bodied red wine, it leaves a lingering and memorable taste.

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