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Cabernet Franc

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All about cabernet franc

France, and in particular the Loire Valley, is the biggest producer of cabernet franc wine. Many French winemakers also blend the cabernet franc grape with other varieties to create other delicious types of wine. 

Tuscany, Italy, is another home of cabernet franc, although the grapes aren't native to the region. Wine enthusiasts call the varieties from this area "super Tuscans." You'll also find some excellent varieties of this red wine from the United States and, in particular, from California. In the Sierra Foothills, there are many cabernet franc vines, which produce flavorful grapes.

The Colchagua Valley in Chile also produces its own cabernet franc. The acidity of the soil and the coolness of the climate are ideal for the growth of this grape variety. 

Flavor profile of this cabernet wine

What distinguishes cabernet franc from pinot noir and other red wines are its prominent bell pepper notes. Depending on the grape variety, you'll also find other fruity and spicy notes. Cabernet franc red wines from different regions have typically different flavor profiles. The varieties from France feature notes of red pepper, jalapeno and raspberry, while, the ones from Italy have subtle aromas of cocoa, black cherry and blackberry. 

Varieties from the New World feature even bolder aromas. Cabernet franc wines from California feature notes of mint and strawberries, while the ones from Chile have the flavor of green peppercorn and chocolate.

Pairing this wine with foods

When savoring this medium-body wine, you can also enjoy a variety of foods. Try it with fontina cheese, burgers, jalapeños and chicken curry. Alternatively, any dish with Aleppo pepper or rosemary will do the trick.

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