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Cabernet Franc Wine

A delicious and well-loved drink for wine lovers around the world, Cabernet Franc is a medium-bodied wine. The savory flavors are a little different and can take some getting used to. If you're looking for one of the best savory flavor blends out there, check out any of the amazing Cabernet Franc wines.

Where Does Cabernet Franc Come From?

Unsurprisingly, France is the biggest producer of Cabernet Franc. In most regions of the country, the Cabernet Franc grape is used to blend, rendering a variety of flavor profiles. However, the Loire Valley specializes in Cabernet Franc wine.

Head to Tuscany, Italy for another popular option for Cabernet Franc. The Cabernet Franc grape isn't indigenous to the country. However, the wines created are bold and rich. Cabernet Franc wine produced in Tuscany is generally called Super Tuscans.

Finding Cabernet Franc from the United States isn't difficult. The grapes grow throughout California, though the Sierra Foothills area offers the best, most flavorful grapes for Cabernet Franc.

The newest region in the world to offer Cabernet Franc is the Colchagua Valley in Chile. The acidity of the soil, as well as the freshness in the mountain air, come together to give you a ripe and delicious Cabernet Franc.

Flavor Profile of Cabernet Franc:

One of the most unique things about Cabernet Franc is that the most prominent flavor is usually a bell pepper-style taste. However, depending on the grapes used, you'll also find hints of strawberry, red plum and chili pepper.

For example, Cabernet Franc from France generally offers flavors of sweet raspberry compote, red pepper and even jalapeño for a kick. Tuscan Cabernet Franc is a darker flavor, with blackberry, black cherry and cocoa coming through. The wine coming from California offers a bold aroma with scents and flavors of mint, roasted jalapeño and strawberries. Chilean Cabernet Franc offers flavors such as green peppercorn, black cherry and chocolate.

Food Pairings With Cabernet Franc:

Cabernet Franc is an outstanding wine for pairing with a variety of foods. Because the tannin isn't as strong as other wines and the flavor of the wine is savory, you'll quickly find it's a great pairing option. Consider meats such as beef burgers or chicken curry. Cheese options that pair well with the wine include goat cheese and fontina. Some of the best spices to pair with Cabernet Franc include savory, jalapeno, Aleppo pepper and rosemary.