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All about blaufrankisch

Where does Blaufränkisch come from?

Blaufränkisch wine has its roots in the regions with the countries that once were the Austro-Hungarian empire, mainly Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Solvenia and some areas in northern Italy. The grape from which the wine derives has different names in the different regions. Italians call it Franconia, Slovaks call it Frankovka Modrá and Slovenians call it Modra Frankinja. However, today winemakers also cultivate the Blaufränkisch grape variety in other parts of the world like New York and Washington, Canada and Australia.

What does it taste like?

Blaufränkisch grape is a cousin of Gamay and Zweigelt, but wine experts compare the resulting beverage with pinot noir, syrah, malbec and cabernet franc. Blaufränkisch red wine has intense flavor notes of spices, black cherry, dark chocolate, blackberry and pepper.

With a medium to high content of tannins and a good acidity level, this wine is moderately dry and well-balanced. The alcohol content is typically between 13.5% and 15% by volume. It's best to decant Blaufränkisch for at least 30 minutes before serving it and to drink it at room temperature or slightly below. The right temperature is between 60 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. You can choose a universal wine glass to get the most out of Blaufränkisch's deliciously fruity aroma.

Food pairings

Do you want to serve Blaufränkisch with a meal? You can't go wrong with Austrian dishes like smoked sausage and potato goulash. For an authentic Austrian experience, don't forget Mozartkugeln at the end of your meal.

Alternatively, try this rich red wine with spaetzle, a type of dumplings from South Tyrol and Germany. Or, go for meats like veal, duck and lamb.

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