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All about barbera

Rich and fruity barbera wine

Barbera wine is a dark red variety that has fruity notes of blackberry, plum, strawberry and dark cherry. It grows in the lower slopes of Northern Italy. Many people enjoy it young, and it's available cheaper than several other red wine types. With notes of vanilla, nutmeg, lavender, violet and anise, this wine is low in tannins and high in acidity. It ages in large and neutral oak casks and can be enjoyed within two to four years. It mainly comes from Italy, the United States, Australia and Argentina.

Barbera wine taste

It feels light-bodied but has a rich taste. This is because the grape has dark pigments that make the wine nearly black. Its taste has notes of sour cherry and strawberry, flavors that are often present in light-bodied wines. With high acidity and low tannins, the wine has a juicy feel. Most barbera wines come from Italy and have herbaceous flavors. A lot of barbera red wine comes from California as well, where the wine is fruit-forward and has a heavier body than its Italian version. No matter where it comes from, barbera pairs well with dark meats, blue cheese and braised greens. Since this red grape wine has high acidity, it goes well with rich and fatty diets.

A very old wine

While cabernet sauvignon is more popular than barbera, the latter is a thousand years older than the former. Experts believe that barbera grape wine originated in the 7th century, while cabernet sauvignon came to play in the 17th century. Barbera is popular in Italy, where it has several variants. There is even bubbly barbera — a light and sparkling version — that's not available outside of the country. Young barbera has a cherry character. After maturing in a barrel and aging in a bottle for some years, barbera's cherry taste becomes a bit sour.

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