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Barbera Wine

Centuries old and still one of the most popular options you'll find, Barbera wine is made from the grape of the same name. This red grape is a native of Italy and offers robust and intense red wines. The earliest known recordings of the use of Barbera grapes is from the mid-13th century. From that time on, Barbera wines have been extremely popular, other than a few years from 1985 to 1990.

Where is Barbera Wine Produced?

Over the centuries, Barbera wine has been produced throughout Italy. In fact, the Barbera grape is the sixth-most planted in the country. While you'll find Barbera throughout Italy, it is most prominent in Piedmont. In other areas, the grapes are used for mixing.

You'll also find Barbera wine made outside of Italy. There are a few vineyards sporting the grape throughout Romania, Greece, and Slovenia. However, in the Americas, the grapes and the wine are wide-spread. Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil all offer Barbera wines. In the United States, most of this wine is made in California. The Barbera wine from California is high-quality and full of flavor. There are also Barbera wineries in Arizona, Washington, and Oregon.

Flavor Profile of Barbera:

Barbera wine offers a high acidity and a low tannin. It doesn't have to age too long and is usually ready to enjoy after aging only two to four years. The flavor profile varies depending on where the grapes were planted, when they were picked, and how the wine was made. You can expect fruity flavors ranging from dried strawberry or dark cherry to blackberry and plum. Other flavors you're likely to encounter with Barbera include incense, violet, vanilla, lavender and even anise.

One of the most unique flavor aspects of this wine is that it offers both a light-bodied and rich taste, generally in the same sip. The color is rich and dark, making you feel like it is a full-bodied wine. However, the flavors are generally associated with light-bodied wine. It offers a delicious and unique experience.

Barbera Food Pairings:

Dark, rich meats go best with Barbera wine. The acidity of the wine pairs well with these rich meats, helping bring the meal together. Mushrooms and other earthy flavors are perfect with this wine for the same reason. When pairing the wine with spices in your meal, you can easily match the flavors of your food with those from your wine. Consider spices such as cinnamon, sage, nutmeg, anise or even sour cherry.