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All About Arbor Mist

When wine snobs are sniffing and swirling, discussing the legs and terroir and whiffing notes of loam, Arbor Mist is the dude that says: "Yeah, you can really taste the grapes." Wine is supposed to be fun. It's meant to be enjoyed, not psychoanalyzed. Arbor Mist understands that. "Great Tasting Wine with a Splash of Fruit" is the motto they live by. They launched their first two wines in the summer of 1998, instantly becoming one of the biggest hits in the wine world in a couple of decades. They make wine easy. When wine connoisseurs detect hints of blackberry in Merlot, Arbor Mist puts blackberries in the Merlot. The same with peach in Moscato or pomegranate in the Pinot Noir. The pairings, however obvious, are just dang tasty. The brand is now up to fifteen blends and isn't stopping. They've also crossed into the cocktail realm with a series of margarita-style "Arboritas." If you're into frozen drinks, no need for a blender — their Frozen Cocktails frost up just right in the freezer. Simply squeeze them into a glass and away you go. Arbor Mist takes the pomp out of wine. It's grape juice, but more fun. Enjoy the party.