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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

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Pink Wine

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    All about pink wine

    Pink wine varieties

    These wines come in varieties ideal for holidays, special occasions or when enjoying a casual afternoon with family or friends. They offer flavors and aromas that appeal to the senses. Still or sparkling blushes, rosé wines and white zinfandel wines in pink shades that span from cantaloupe to almost purple liven things up without taking center stage. Their sweet, citrus essence sits well on the palate when the wine is enjoyed by itself or with brunch or during holiday feasts. If you're looking for a bottle of bubbly for a special occasion, sparkling rosé is an ideal option with its well-loved pink hue and fizz.

    The making of these wines

    Most of these varieties use the juices extracted from both red and green grapes, while some use only reds. Winemakers achieve the pink hue by soaking the skins of red grapes in the juices to bleed the skin's color until the juices reach the desired shade. After removing skins, the extracts then ferment to create wine. These wines taste similar to a light red with bright, crisp notes. The fruit-forward beverages have notes of floral, citrus, melon or red fruits kissing the palate.

    Famed varieties

    The pink hue has made these wines hugely popular, with pink moscato wine being a revered variety. The combination of muscat grapes and a dash of merlot emits a light, refreshing essence with fruity notes of peach and nectarine. White zinfandel, a sweet blush-toned wine, is well-liked in the United States with its subtle fruit flavors featuring hints of strawberry and melon.

    Food and wine pairings

    The crisp, fruity flavors of these light-colored wines pair well with desserts and savory dishes. Serve with appetizers or a main course flavored with herbs and citrus dressings like lemon and rosemary chicken, spicy steak or glazed ham. They mesh with desserts like gelato and fresh fruit tarts. When planning a menu that includes one of these wines, opt for foods with citrusy flavors and salty cheeses.

    Whether you're enjoying special occasions or summer picnics, these wines are a refreshingly delicious choice. Grab a bottle from Drizly in your city or find liquor stores near you.

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