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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.


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      All about vermouth

      What is vermouth?

      A fortified wine, vermouth contains alcohol and additional herbs and spices that give it a pleasant aroma. Traditionally, this spirit comes from Italy and France and features both dry and sweet styles. It's a versatile drink that's a great addition to your collection of dessert and fortified wines. Depending on the style, use it as an aperitif, drink it with dessert or blend it with other liquors to create your own cocktails. 

      Flavor profile of this wine

      The taste of vermouth depends mainly on its style and the ingredients used. Dry vermouth has a clear white color and contains very little sugar, equivalent to about 5%. It often contains a mix of botanicals that gives it a complex flavor and makes it a great (and some say required) component when whipping up cocktails such as martinis.

      Sweet vermouth has a deep red tone and is native to Italy. It may contain up to 15% sugar and is subtly sweet but never sugary. With hints of vanilla and floral notes, this red wine works well as a dessert wine. It's also a nice addition to drinks such as a Manhattan or Negroni. The bright flavor of this spirit complements the dark and rich taste of whiskey and brandy.

      Enjoying vermouth wine

      While vermouth is a well-known ingredient in popular cocktails, you can also enjoy this drink on its own. It's a good drink before dinner as it freshens the palate and gets your appetite going. Enjoy this wine chilled over ice with an orange slice.

      Food pairings with this fortified wine

      Dry vermouth has a crisp and acidic flavor that pairs well with seafood like oysters, crab and prawns. Savor it with an antipasti platter that has olives, artichokes and more. Sweet vermouth, with its subtle hints of vanilla, pairs well with fresh salads that contain some fruit, such as a chicken salad with sliced peach.


      Red vermouth, also called sweet vermouth, is made with varying botanicals and is literally red. White vermouth - or dry vermouth - is a clear or pale yellow color and contains much less sugar.

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      What's the difference between vermouth and port?

      Vermouth is a fortified wine, same as port. However, vermouth is a type of aromatized wine, meaning it includes extra flavoring. Vermouth is also defined by usage of wormwood as a flavoring agent.

      Are vermouth and marsala the same?

      Similar to the answer about port, marsala is also a fortified wine. However - vermouth is different due to the aromatized and wormwood factors.

      What does dry vermouth do to a drink?

      Dry vermouth has a crisp, tart flavor, sort of like a dry white wine with some added flavors.

      What kind of vermouth goes in a Negroni?

      Sweet vermouth is a great match to the Campari and gin profiles in this cocktail recipe.